Puritan's Pride

The American brand Puritan's Pride has been on the market since 1973. Its motto is "honesty is the best company policy". Over 40 years of customer trust is something that Puritan's Pride takes seriously.

Puritan's Pride emphasizes that consumers will find all the information and ingredients used to make each product on the label. The American brand's formulations are manufactured exclusively in the United States. The company has grown to be a giant because of one mission that has never changed: to create supplements with the best performance at the best price.

Puritan's Pride scours the planet to find the best ingredients in products. Many of the ingredients used in vitamins and supplements are unique to a particular region. For example, the flax used in the American brand's products is grown in North and South Dakota, while the fish oil comes from South America. To produce its supplements, the company uses ingredients from 106 countries around the world. The brand additionally makes sure that they meet the highest stringent standards.

Scientifically formulated Puritan's Pride brand vitamins and supplements go through as many as 15 stages of inspection throughout the manufacturing process. This ensures that the formulations are pure, consistent and effective. The brand emphasizes that its standards are more stringent than the legal ones. American works with the Council for Responsible Nutrition so that customers receive only safe and effective products.

As an industry pioneer, Puritan's Pride understands that consumer trends, preferences and expectations are constantly changing, so it continually adapts its products to meet them.